Jane O.

— 25 Years old +

Janet had a history of having problems with cysts. They were either on her female region or on top of the skin. Doctors recommended surgery but usually, the cyst grew back. Janet has been coming consistently now and is proud to say her cyst problem is gone. It took only a couple of sessions and they have not come back.

David G.

— 4 Years old +

David had a speaking problem. He stopped speaking for 7 months. We discovered he had a heavy metal problem to lead and mercury. Once we started therapy he began speaking the same day. Now his full speech has come back!

Marian D.

— 70 years old +

Marian used our ten-week long diet protocol. He lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks and 4 inches on his waist. He lost an additional 20 pounds after completing it and he is 70 years old.

Vesna V.

— 45 Years old +

Vesna suffered from a thyroid issue. She had taken medications for many years and had bad side effects. She had consistent blood tests every 3 months. She is now off medications and her thyroid numbers have been healthy for over 5 years.

Kamila C.

— 28 Years old +

I live in California and suffer from stomach pain and bloating. I love using the remote treatment, whenever I have strong pain I order and it makes the pain go away instantly.

Emily G.

— 40 Years old +

Emily has chronic headaches. She's had them most of her life and pills only go so far. Her headaches have gone down immensely. She's come into our offices and using remote therapy.

Dorota O.

— 56 Years old +

"I've had back pain for many years and tried losing weight, acupuncture, chiropractor, and exercise. I still had the pain until I came to Aum Bio! They helped me so much in a little amount of time! Everyone should try it."

Mary G.

— 42 Years old +

"I've had problems with sleeping and depression. The medication wasn't working and I had bad side effects. Crystal bed was a life changer and now I sleep a full night and don't struggle from depression."

We look forward to helping you with your health