Stop Smoking

Smoking session takes one hour. You have to bring a cigarette for this session. At the end you receive a chip or necklace to wear for one month. https://bioresonance.com/smoking/


This is a ten week protocol. You have to follow a diet and renew drops. You take your drop 3 times a day. People have lost 30 pounds in ten weeks.

Bioenergetic Therapy

We use quantum physics to help balance out the bodies healthy and unhealthy cells. The body heals itself, it's none invasive and safe to use. Therapy times usually last one hour. We do checkups on the body after a certain amount of sessions depending on health issue.

Crystal Bed

The crystal bed is a type of modern Chroma therapy system from seven highly polished and illuminated crystals that has a specific vibration. The system is placed above a comfortable bed where the recipient lies with eyes closed, listening to calm meditation music. The lights are positioned about 12” to 18” inches above the body and arrayed from the crown to the root chakra energy centers. https://youtu.be/O4CM4AyFHUk

Foot Ionic Detox

Ionic foot detox takes out toxins and balances energy through a foot bath. This sessions takes half hour and helps with energy, stress, heavy metal, circulation problems etc.


We host meditation at our Rolling Meadows location. You need to make an appointment. Our services range from meditation, gong meditation, sound meditation, rebirthing breathing, and harp mediation.

Oberon Scan

You can get a diagnostic scan done. The scan provides information on your health and helps us determine which programs you need. We do check-ups after therapy and the scans can show us exactly how much a person has improved. Get results on the same day!


We have a wide vairety of tensor energy tests we can perform. Allergy, Cardiovascular, 5 Element Diagnostic, Heavy Metal, DC 1, DC 2, Dental, Mold, Parasites, Virus and Fungi. This could be done in person or remotely.

Remote Therapy

This therapy is done through long-distnace enetaglement effect. You dont have to come into any location. You just stay at home or at work and receivce the therapies. It sounds like magic but its Physics!

Hemoglobin Life Science is an app you can use to order therapies through your phone.

Imagine having a headache that won’t go away, chronic back pain or skin allergies. This all could be taken care of and you never have to leave home.

Hemoglobin Life Science is an app you can use to order therapies through your phone.

  • Type in any disease or illness
  • Pick a program or ask for a recommendation

Once you choose your programs, we receive an order at our facilities. We then take your electronic imprint and put it into our medical device and start your therapy.

Electromagnetic waves are sent to your electronic imprint and therapy reaches you anywhere you are in the world. (Quantum Entanglement) May sound like magic but its Physics!!